Is Pikkon Officially Canon in Dragon Ball?

With Broly now canon to Dragon Ball, fans have been trying to figure out who else could be reintroduced into the official continuity. There are all sorts of characters who have been introduced through Dragon Ball’s various movies and filler episodes who would be fun to see again. One such character who comes to mind is Pikkon.

Pikkon is a powerful fighter Goku met in Otherworld. He’s considered one of the strongest warriors to ever come out of the Western Quadrant of the universe. However, despite his apparent importance, he is exclusive to the Dragon Ball Z anime and movies. This is a shame, as he’s a pretty cool character that many fans have come to like, so seeing him get the Broly treatment and appear in a canon Dragon Ball storyline would be greatly appreciated by many viewers.

The sad thing about Pikkon is that despite his anime-only status, he was actually designed by Akira Toriyama himself, who created a model sheet for the anime and even gave some advice on how to draw him. He intended for Pikkon to be a Piccolo-like figure and told the anime staff to use the Namekian as a reference for facial expressions. If Toriyama wanted to, he could have easily included Pikkon in his manga.

The important thing to remember is what Pikkon’s purpose was when he was introduced. At the time, the anime was exploring Goku’s afterlife in Otherworld after the Cell Saga. However, Goku didn’t have many fighter friends in Otherworld; all of his friends were alive and well thanks to his sacrifice. King Kai was there, but what Goku really needed was another fighter with whom he could spar and refine his skills.


Pikkon starts off generally stoic, but as he opens up more to Goku, he’s revealed to be a pretty cool guy. He can be smart, wise and a good sport. He can also be irritable, which is a funny way of reminding the audience that he’s not as serious as he looks. If he had been added to the manga, he might have gotten along well with the likes of Piccolo or Vegeta.

When Pikkon was introduced, he came off as a powerful adversary for Goku. His fighting debut had him make quick work of the likes of Frieza, King Cold and even Perfect Cell down in Hell. In the Otherworld Tournament, he managed to plow through virtually all of his opponents before facing Goku in the finals. Once the two of them have their match, it’s an intense battle that puts Goku’s strength and adaptability to the test.

Since his debut, Pikkon has made regular appearances throughout the Dragon Ball franchise. He’s featured in the movies, video games, card games and plenty of other pieces of Dragon Ball media. In fact, he’s been in pretty much everything except the mainline manga.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Pikkon will make his canon debut in the Dragon Ball anime or manga any time soon. DBZ spent a lot of time in Otherworld, so Pikkon had plenty of chances to show up there. Dragon Ball Super, on the other hand, seems more focused on exploring the realm of the gods and other planets and universes. Unless one of the main characters dies and spends an extended period of time in Otherworld, there’s not really a chance for Pikkon to show up.

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